Childhood Obesity Prevention

Childhood obesity is on the rise due to the huge amount of sugary and fatty processed foods that are readily available in our grocery stores and school vending machines. Is there is any wonder why our children are becoming overweight?  Furthermore, foods that we think are healthy such as some breakfast cereals maybe doing more harm than good due to their high sugar content.

Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity prevention technique
Childhood obesity prevention – cook healthy meals together that you and your children can enjoy.

Prepare Healthy Meals Together

Make it your goal to let your son and/or daughter help you in the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal, this is a great way to encourage them to continue to eat healthily. When they sit down to eat a meal they helped to prepare and it tastes great they’ll think “wow I help make this“ and will look forward to cooking with you again. If you make it fun for them they will be happy to help you with the cooking in future. You could try one of the many recipes from Eating for Energy.

Exercise as a Family

Regular exercise will definitely help with childhood obesity prevention. If you work out yourself why not try to involve your children in your workouts too. For example, you could go cycling together or take up a sport you can play together such as tennis or cricket. You could go for brisk walks in the park or if your budget allows, get a games console and play games that get children on their feet! There are many games out there from dancing to sport where you have to physically move a controller or become the controller yourself! Any of these suggestions will help to keep your children active and keep them in shape.

Walk to School

If it’s feasible, you can walk with your children to school or allow them to walk in a group with friends.  I use to walk 4 km to high school and back with friends, it felt great getting my circulation going before class.

Gardening Classes in Schools

A long term solution to childhood obesity would be more gardening classes in schools. This would help children know where real food comes from and how to grow their own food. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables in your back garden for example, you can encourage your children to join in if you don’t already do so. Get them a little spade to help top up the soil and you can get them to collect and plant seeds. They will learn to have an appreciation of food and it will encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables which will of course prevent your children becoming overweight.

Community gardening
You and your children can take part in community gardening projects in your area
Community Gardening

Moreover, you could get involved in community gardening projects. These are fantastic ways to get your children in touch with nature and the growing process. We take for granted how fruits and vegetables in our grocery stores get there. There maybe community gardening projects in your area that you haven’t discovered yet, there are in my area. It will also be an opportunity for parents and children of like minds to make new friends.


Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables? Let us know in the comment box below.


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