Simple Steps to a Weight Loss Body Cleanse

Simple Steps to a Weight Loss Body Cleanse

Step 1

Look at what foods you are putting in your body. We only have one body, view it as a temple. Would you put junk in your temple? NO!  You would ornament and decorate it with the most luxurious furnishings. Do the same with your body.  Furnish it with good, nutritious food.  Moreover, you’re unlikely to see long-lasting results doing a body detox cleanse and still eating junk! Its a good idea to make a list of the foods you love; those foods you eat on a regular basis. If your “love food list” contains a lot of sugary foods such as chocolate, sweets, sugary cereals, fizzy drinks and fried foods, slowly cut them out and replace them with healthier alternatives. We all love to have something to nibble every now and then, I sure do, particularly in the evenings, I love helping myself to ‘goodies’ in the cupboard. However, if your nibbles are high in refined sugar then this is obviously not going to help you lose weight. Start by making a list, here are a few foods I put on my list:

Honey nut flakes
Oat Biscuits
Fig Rolls
Pear drop sweets
Carrot cake
Fried dumplings

Etc… This is just a portion of the foods I enjoying eating, some good, some bad. Continue to build your list of foods that you love and if they’re no good, replace them with healthy alternatives. There maybe some foods you think are good for you when in fact they’re not as healthy as you think.

Step 2

Go down your list as I have done below and tick the foods that are good for you and those that you should continue to eat more of and put a cross next to those foods you should stop eating. For example, I had a couple of fry foods in my list. Foods such as these can increase your cholesterol level and is not conducive to weight loss. On the other hand, It’s great if you enjoy and eat healthy foods like fruit and vegetables regularly.

Honey nut flakes Porridge
Oat Biscuits Plain oat rusks
Pear drop sweets Unsalted cashew nuts & raisins
Fig Rolls Wholemeal crackers
Carrot cake x Carrots!
Bread Wholemeal bread
Fried dumplings Boiled dumplings
Pasta Wholemeal pasta
Rice Brown rice
Fries Boiled/roasted potatoes

Also I replaced frying my foods with boiling or steaming them instead or I just use a non stick pan and don’t use any oil at all. I find this works well for some foods like scrambled egg or stir fry vegetables. I also wanted to increase the amount of fiber and protein in my diet so I started to eat more brown rice and wholemeal instead of their white equivalents.

Step 3

Reducing portion size is beneficial too and snacking on fruits and nuts instead of biscuits and cake.  I cut out fizzy drinks and drank more water and homemade smoothies.  As I mentioned on the best cleanse for weight loss home page, it depends what you want to achieve with your body, if you want a quick weight loss and a body cleanse then a Master Cleanse might help you. Either way, I recommend simple steps such as these to get you off to the right start to a total cleanse.

But you maybe saying to yourself,

I already do all these things and I still can’t lose weight! I eat less, I exercise, I don’t eat sugary foods anymore and I’m still not losing weight!

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