Tips on How to Improve Digestion

We decided to write about this because a lot of dis-ease begins with faulty digestion. Digestion uses most of our bodies energy so it’s important to help the process. Also, improving digestion allows energy to be used for other processes such as cleansing our bodies which means clearing out bodily impurities, ultimately, getting rid of excess fat!

Good digestion = fat loss

Furthermore, if most of our energy is dedicated to digestion, it can leave us feeling sluggish. This is one of the reasons why I did the Total Wellness Cleanse, I wanted to feel less tired during the day. In the past, I tended to overeat and combine lots of different foods, a body detox cleanse helped me to get my energy back! Furthermore, I found that my thinking became more efficient when I ate lighter meals. Feeling tired, drained and sluggish can be avoided by implementing the tips below for proper digestion.

only small sips of a warm drink with meals, e best cleanse for weight lossAvoid drinking with meals

You maybe surprised by this. Let us explain. We all know that we need to drink plenty of water each day to stay healthy and hydrated. Although hydration is vital for health, having large amounts of liquid with meals can actually have a negative impact on digestion. This is because too much water during meals can interfere with your stomach’s natural level of acid needed to break down your food. Moreover, drinking ice cold water with meals actually shocks stomach secretions and slows digestion. It is better to drink water on an empty stomach i.e. first thing in the morning and before eating your main meals.

Food Combination and Sequencing

In today’s world of eating we tend to combine lots of foods together which can confuse the stomach. Even eating potatoes and meat together, which is an extremely common food combination, is asking the body to create an acidic and alkaline environment simultaneously. Hmmm, can you see how the stomach will get confused? The break down of starch (potatoes) is from an enzyme called amylase that is found in our saliva. Amylase can only act in an alkaline environment, there are no starch digestive enzymes produced in the stomach, starches are later digested in the intestines. The stomach produces acid to break down proteins such as meat. Remember these food combining principles to improve your digestion:

  • Eat fruit alone
  • Eat protein with vegetables
  • Eat starch with vegetables

Ideally, we are designed to digest one food at a time as our stomachs would know how much acid to produce to break down one type of food. However, this would result in a pretty boring meal, don’t you think?  To compensate for this, we can apply food sequencing, i.e. the order in which you eat food. The aim is to eat the food that is digested quickest first and then eat those that require more time in the stomach last.

Order of digestion

1. Clear fluids (they leave the stomach in minutes)

2. Fruits

3. Vegetables

4. Starches

5. Proteins, fats and oils (these take the longest time to digest).

For example, this simple meal plan below, if eaten in the order shown, could aid your digestion. Lets say your meal consists of haddock fish, sweet potatoes, broccoli and a green salad, you would eat them in this order:

food sequencing, order in which you eat, ebest cleanse for weight loss
The order in which you eat your food can affect your digestion.

We have mentioned exercise numerous times on our site because it’s so important for weight loss, health and digestion! If you implement a regular exercise plan as well as eating properly, it will relieve stress and calm the body. If you have never done regular exercise before you could start with brisk walking about 15 – 30 minutes a day. What is so fantastic about the Total Wellness Cleanse is that you get given an exercise plan, meal plans on every day of the 30 day cleanse. With the right Mindset you will have the motivation to stick to it.

In conclusion, some maybe more sensitive than others with regards to food sequencing, food combinations and drinking and eating at the same time. If you currently have digestion issues such as gas or bloating, I would recommend these tips and see if helps you. You can find out more about digestion here.

Free yourself of digestive system woes so you can have more energy to do other things!

Do you have problems with digestion? Lets talk about it! Add a comment below to share your experience and potentially help others too!

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