Total Wellness Cleanse Day 1 – a fresh smelling kitchen!

Day 1 of the Total Wellness Cleanse – the best cleanse for weight loss and well-being!

Hi there, Ella here, I just finished Day 1 of the Total Wellness cleanse!  My brother Eric will be getting started with the cleanse too, he will also report his experience. I am really pleased that I have finally got started with a total cleanse.  It not only teaches you how to alkalize your body through he consumption of less acidic foods but as it’s a TOTAL wellness cleanse, it is designed to improve you holistically – your body, mind and soul.

My kitchen smells so fresh after buying a mint plant, I could definitely get used to such a fresh smell each morning!  Day 1 has gone quite well, it could have been better but I was at an event all day. I hope to do better on Day 2! The Total Wellness Cleanse program really does have everything laid out for you.  It doesn’t just have over 100 recipes with a daily meal plan but it also encourages you to get active with regular exercise throughout the day whether it be walking, running or even Fitter U. The meal plan and recipe guides are incredibly helpful. I used them to plan my day.


  • 15 minute morning mediation/visualization
  • Water and lemon drink to cleanse the liver
  • Herbal tea – a detoxifying aid
  • 15 minute exercise, guide says 30 minutes so I will have to double my workout tomorrow! 🙂
  • Breakfast green cleaner which is a green veggie smoothie
  • Optional mid morning snack – nuts and seeds


I was suppose to have broccoli soup for lunch but didn’t have access to soup at the event I was at so instead I ate a banana and a berry fruit mix (bananas should be avoided as part of the initial 14 day cleanse as they are high in sugar, the aim is to have low sugar fruits such as apples, pears and berries).  I felt surprisingly full after this! Although I was a bit naughty eating a banana and nuts is not in the meai plan for Day 1, the idea with the meal plan is that it is there as a guide, Yuri Elkaim, my nutritionist coach stresses that you don’t need to follow the meal plan to the tee but do your best to incorporate the meal plan into your own lifestyle.  Obviously, it will make life easier if you stick to the meals set out for you but this is not always the case as jobs or other activities may get in the way. For example, it’s perfectly alright to have the lunch from Day 6 of the meal plan on Day 1.


I had a lovely green parsley salad with tomatoes and other herbs.  I didn’t get any cravings for biscuits in the evening as I normally do either. I was very satisfied after the meals so didn’t need to snack.  Furthermore, I am determined to do the total cleanse to the end!

How do I feel?

Another really important thing with the cleanse is that it encourages you to assess how you feel and track this daily using the success journal that is provided. I have definitely noticed a change in myself, even just after a day.  I normally get regular headaches but I didn’t get any today even though I only had 6 hours sleep the night before (I need around 8 myself!).

If your aim is to lose weight then by making health your goal you will be on the right path to the best cleanse for weight loss.


My headaches have gone so it’s a very good day for me. Furthermore, I sometimes lack motivation when I take up new tasks, if you’re like me then the Total Wellness Cleanse is definitely for you as the daily inspirational and motivational emails, the wellness mp3 files and the Facebook support group encourage you to stay on track.  If you want the best cleanse for weight loss and well-being  you have to get this cleanse!

Get on the Total Wellness Cleanse with me!

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