Total Wellness Cleanse Day 2 – stamina training workout!

Total Wellness Cleanse – Day 2

Day 2 has been a better day for me.  I managed to do a 30 minute warm up and stamina training from Shaolin Warrior Workout in the morning. You could try a 30 day workout to go with the 30 day cleanse if you like.

I felt great afterwards. It’s amazing how good you feel after a workout.  The reason for this is that during exercise our bodies release chemicals called endorphins. What endorphins do is interact with the receptors in your brain and trigger a feeling of well-being.  This is why I now feel less tired throughout the day which is one of the things I wanted to eliminate.

Another one of my goals is to reduce fat around my stomach. As I have cut out meat, dairy and wheat from my diet as part of the cleanse, my stomach is significantly less bloated at night and it’s getting more toned by doing a daily full body workout. I’m on a roll with the best cleanse for weight loss and health.

I managed to cook all the meals from the meal plan today and I have learnt some great recipes too such as a dairy free mayonnaise with sweet potato fries. They were cooked in a healthy saturated fat, coconut oil!  You never would have thought it huh?  Sweet potatoes and coconut oil? It is fantastic when meals are healthy and very very yummy, it makes it so much easier to maintain a cleanse.  I will be cooking this recipe indefinitely now!  Moreover, in reference to the dairy free mayonnaise, I love sauces but don’t like the amount of preservatives manufacturers put in them!  My parents came to visit at the weekend, they tried my mayonnaise and loved it!  Bring on Total Wellness Cleanse Day 3! I can’t wait to feel totally cleansed!  Try to share some of your cleansing recipes with friends and family too.  Let me know what they think by writing a comment below.


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