Total Wellness Cleanse Day 3 – still no headaches!

Total Wellness Cleanse – Day 3 – best cleanse for weight loss and health

Mondays = Back to work for me. I thought a cleanse diet at work would be tough with other colleagues eating junk around me and a canteen smell in the corridor. Surprisingly it wasn’t!  I took my broccoli and spinach soup in a thermal flask, it kept it lovely and warm until I was ready to eat it on my lunch break. I had a range of nuts as an afternoon snack and also the sweet potato ‘fries’ with dairy free mayonnaise (hmmmmm!) that I mentioned in my Day 2 review.

Broccoli and spinach soup part of a Total Cleanse
Warm broccoli soup, Total Wellness Cleanse Day 2

I am still not getting any headaches as I normally do which is great.  I feel more focused at work because of this. I am no longer fighting my headache pain and trying to concentrate at the same time.


The cleanse recommends 3 body movements per day whether it be brisk walking, running or Fitter U in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I find this difficult.  I managed an afternoon walk of 30 minutes today but have yet to do the evening workout.  I must try harder!

Food cravings

Only 3 days into the cleanse and I have resisted all temptations to eat biscuits and cake!  I am so inspired by Yuri, my coach, and his daily inspiration emails that I am compelled to do the cleanse fully by staying away from ALL refined sugar foods.

Come back to see how I get on Day 4 and if you want to join me on my cleansing journey, learn more here. I encourage you to let me know how you get on by posting your comments below.

Food factsbest-cleanse-for-weight-loss-broccoli

Broccoli is a great source of calcium and iron. In a cup of broccoli (approximately 100g) you will get 130mg of calcium and 1.1mg of iron (according to the USDA).  However, did you know  that sesame seeds have almost 10 times as much? Whether they are roasted or dried sesame seeds they provide approximately 989mg of calcium per 100g serving.

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