Total Wellness Cleanse Day 4 – I enjoy cooking again!

Day 4 of the Total Wellness Cleanse – the best cleanse for weight loss and well-being!

Whilst partaking in the Total Wellness Cleanse, I’ve discovered my love of cooking again!  Have you ever felt like the meals you prepare are becoming somewhat repetitive?  Do you want to spice up your meals, get the best cleanse for weight loss and improve your health? Do you want to try new healthy recipes?  Then the Total Wellness Cleanse is the way to go!  Not only are the recipes delicious but they are obviously incredibly healthy or else they wouldn’t be part of the cleansing program!  You get the best of both worlds with this total cleanse, delicious AND healthy foods.  Sometimes these two words don’t go together for some people.  This is often the case for those on a diet, bland meals. What can happen is you no longer look forward to eating whilst on a diet and easily slip back into old habits. If this is you, you can overcome this stumbler by getting access to a huge amount of mouth watering, nutrient rich recipes here.

My favorite recipe of the day was tomato and lentil dahl, I absolute loved it!  I made enough for 3 servings so I will have plenty for tomorrow’s dinner too!  Lentils are a great source of protein.  Be sure to include them in conjunction with leafy green vegetables. For example, 20% lentils to 80% green vegetables such as kale or spinach is about the right balance. This is because legumes such as lentils or chic peas can form acid in the body so don’t eat too much at once.  What is great about legumes is that they contain amino acids which build up your bodies immune system. Furthermore, they are a great source of fiber and healthy carbohydrates so are a very important part of your diet.

Click here to find out more about the recipes!

Tomato and lentil stew, ebestcleanseforweightloss
My favorite recipe of the day!



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