Total Wellness Cleanse Day 6 – no achy legs anymore!

Day 6 of the Total Wellness Cleanse – the best cleanse for weight loss and well-being!

The Total Wellness Cleanse encourages you to get active regularly, 3 times a day in fact.  I mentioned on Day 3 that I found this difficult to fit in. I have missed my morning Shaolin Warrior training for the past 2 days. Nevertheless, I managed a brisk 20 minute walk in the afternoon instead.  Despite this, I have already noticed a difference in my leg muscle strength as it no longer aches when I climb 2 flights of stairs – yeah I know, I sound really unfit right?  By the end of the 30 days I should be able to run a marathon (gotta aim high!).

best cleanse for weight loss, no achy legs
Regular workouts mean no achy legs when climb upstairs

I don’t plan on discontinuing this body detox cleanse either as the information I have learnt will be applied to my life and my families life forever.  The cleansing program has taught me so much about food and it’s affects –  good and bad.  I would NEVER have discovered the foods, recipes and their health benefits without partaking in this cleanse.  I can’t speak highly enough about it!

Day 6 Best Cleanse for Weight Loss dinner
Don’t laugh!

And don’t laugh at my Day 6 dinner!  It’s suppose to resemble a very popular meaty dish. It wasn’t one of the best meals I’ve had but due to the potassium and iron content I gobbled it down.  It was the homemade sauce that made the dish so I’ve saved the rest of it for tomorrow.

See if you can guess what this dish was supposed to be! You can post a comment below.

To get the recipe above and over 100 more, you can get access them here.

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