Total Wellness Cleanse Day 7 – cataarh causes and cures

Day 7 of the Total Wellness Cleanse – the best cleanse for weight loss and health


I have a severe case of catarrh, especially in the mornings.  Cataarh is the over production of phlegm in the mucous membranes of the air passages to the lungs, the larynx, the nose and sinuses as described by The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy MD, PhD.  You’ll usually experience cataarh when you have a cold or flu but if you’re like me then you will get this mucous build up regardless.

Causes of cataarh

Chronic cataarh can be due to the toxicity of the body (which is one of the reasons why I’m doing the Total Wellness Cleanse).  The body is trying to get rid of toxins that weren’t removed by the kidneys, bowels or skin.

I was given anti-inflammatory tablets when I was younger and a nasal spray to clear my sinuses.  They temporarily relieved me of the problem but it didn’t get to the bottom of it as I still have it now.  A body detox cleanse can help to find root causes of problems as you will learn how your body reacts to certain foods, especially as you start to slowly re-introduce them into your diet after the cleanse phase.  Even for those without cataarh, Yuri (my professional nutritionist from the Total Wellness Cleanse) advises to stay away from dairy products completely. If you have this condition it is imperative not to consume dairy products as it won’t help you. If you think you’ll find cutting out dairy difficult on a long term basis, consider the number of non-dairy milk alternatives you’re missing out on:

  • Almond milkalmonds-best-cleanse-for-weight-loss-x
  • Coconut milk
  • Hazelnut milk
  • Hemp seed milk
  • Oat milk
  • Rice milk

My favorite is almond and coconut milk.  If you have a nut allergy then try oat or rice milk instead. Other causes of mucus in the body are nasal allergies to dust, smoking or respiratory problems. However, these are not the symptoms for chronic cataarh (those that have suffered with it for many years).

Natural Remedies
Root Gingerroot_ginger_get-rid-of-cataarh-ebestcleanseforweightloss One of the cleansing recipes for today was a soup that contained root ginger, I had this for lunch and my nose was streaming with mucus, the ginger was obviously trying to eradicate the phlegm from my system.

A Quick alternative – Root Ginger Tea

Cut an inch (2.5 cm) of root ginger, place in filtered or spring water, bring to the boil and serve.
Another remedy I found is to chew a few peppercorns one at a time and take sips of warm water, this can get rid of cataarh for some people according to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy MD, PhD.
I hope this information helps you as ginger seems to have worked for me today but it hasn’t got rid of the problem completely. I would suggest having ginger tea for example regularly or try chewing peppercorns with warm water which is another natural healing remedy. I am going to do this myself and see what affect it has on my symptoms. I’ll post a comment below after I’ve tried it.  Please feel free to do the same.

To your body detox cleanse success!


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