Weight Loss

Plan & Set Realistic Goals

Firstly you should plan, set a goal for yourself and give a reason why you want to achieve it. You can do this by writing down your weight loss goals such as “I will lose X amount of fat” by this date.  What this does is reaffirm your goals to your subconscious mind and reinforces what your aim is.  You can apply this to any goal you have in your life whether it be losing body fat, finding your ideal job or seeking a new relationship.  What will also help is taking a couple of minutes to visualize yourself achieving your goal.  Not just thinking about it but seeing yourself at your ideal weight. Imagine it as if it was real.  As a result, your positive affirmations will be a reality!

how to lose fat not muscle
Turn your I wish into an I WILL

Remember to transform your “I wish” into an “I will”.

Prior to participating in the Total Wellness Cleanse, I wrote down the date I started the body detox cleanse. Furthermore, as suggested in the guide that comes with the cleanse, I also said an affirmation statement such as “I am willing to follow the plan laid out and that I can and deserve to see it through to the end”. This really set me off on the right foot and if you read my blog, Ella’s Cleanse Blog, you will see my journey of the Total Wellness Cleanse.  It really is amazing!

Ask yourself if you want to achieve any, some or all of the following goals?

  • Lose fat

  • Build up your muscles

  • Improve stamina

  • Be more healthy

  • Gain more strength

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please remember that the most important component to losing fat is your diet. The food you put in your body has the biggest effect on how much weight you lose.  If you’re not eating properly it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do. It works the other way round too, exercise and diet work together. Moreover, the point to make clear regarding losing weight is that you want to lose body fat not muscle fat.  For example, you could be doing a weight loss program right now, you weigh yourself and you find that your weight has reduced, you think ‘great I’ve lost weight’ but in fact it’s muscle and water that has been lost not fat.

How to lose fat and not muscle tissue

Having the recommended amount of daily calories is vital as drastically reducing your calorie intake by skipping meals for example can work against you.  Our bodies have defense mechanisms that will store fat in order to get the energy it needs as the last resort. It does this by slowing your bodies metabolism down or by keeping body fat and feeding off muscle tissue instead.  It is better to reduce your portion sizes and eat regular healthier meals.

What can you do to increase fat burning enzymes?

Lipoprotein lipase, for example is a fat burning enzyme.  It surrounds your cell walls and enhances the cells use of fats to give you energy for a workout.  To increase this fat burning enzyme you can do the following:

Get the best source of carbohydrates, the less processed foods you eat the better. For example:

• Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes (also high in vitamin A)
• Fruit
• Legumes such as black beans, pinto beans or lentils
• Gluten free grains such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat

  • Exercise regularly such as Fitter U or other fat burning exercises. Intense exercises increase the capillaries in your muscles which means more lipoprotein lipase. Also, an intense cardiovascular workout is where most of the fat burning takes place. Cardio exercise increases your metabolic rate so if you were to do this workout in the morning, you are likely to burn off more calories during the rest of the day. Aim to do a cardiovascular workout of around 20 to 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.
Shaolin Warrior Workout
Shaolin Warrior Workout!
How to Lose Fat Not Muscle

Example workout

5 minute warm up – warm your body up as in this Shaolin Warrior DVD. I do this warm up and workout myself about 4 times a week. I would highly recommend it as the warm up prepares your WHOLE body for exercise so there is less chance of you causing injury to yourself.

  •  20 minutes of intense exercise to make you sweat and breath heavily.
  • 5 minute cool down

Please take care and be safe. It’s advisable to seek the advise of your doctor before undertaking new fitness or weight loss programs especially if you have an existing health condition.


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